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[The Funnel Law]


     This series is part of an expression popularly coined to denounce an injustice arising from a confrontation or dispute. It is a "law" contrary to the principles of equity and its use implies criticism against the powers that be. His doctrine can be summarized as: the widest more, the narrower less.


   Through the iconography of the funnel, I build maps or chains that reveal ideological flows. I use the funnel as a conceptual and reflection tool that allows me to link ideas and sequences of thoughts, with the definite intention of questioning the paradigms that prevail in current societies. The supports vary from serigraphs on daily graphic press, money, lottery posters, newspapers, etc., and depend to a great extent on the presentation of the pieces in closed spaces, or by way of public intervention in urban environments of marked contrasts that accentuate their contents .

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