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     The earth is the carrier of our organic memory, the place where time fossilizes our matter. It is the origin and destination of everything that exists. It is the dust from which you are born, the dust you will become; and barely a couple of kilos of dust was what was left of my father when he died. I was in charge of emptying a life translated into accumulations of objects of a person who was a singular character and an inveterate traveler. Objects that after his death lost possible meanings and their material value was also reduced to dust.


     It was then that I decided to start my work with this medium, also used for modeling and building. I was interested in exploring the endless cycles of life in a kind of tribute to herself. In addition to being self-referential, the experience was revealing and mystical as I entered the world of alchemy and pursued the legend of “the liquid rock formula”, which contains the perfect combination of ingredients (clays, lime and sand) to make rocks. In the same way, I got into ancestral construction methods with a technique called "Ramned Earth", the greatest example of which is specified in the Great Wall of China. This technique consists of mixing stabilized clays with aggregates and lime, and pouring them into molds where, later, they are compressed with a tamper. Once the mixture is dry, the molds are removed and the solid wall remains.

This navigating between the ancestral and the alchemical, in the sedimentary memory of our era, hand in hand with the infinite properties of the earth, allows me to confront the viewer with its natural scale and its own finiteness, making it aware of its own becoming.

Dust. Technique: Rammed Earth,16.5 X 16.5 X 16.5cm., 2018.
Title: Until this will pass. Technique: Rammed Earth. Measures:16 X 16 X 16 cm. Year: 2018.
Title: Control. Technique: Rammed Earth. Measures:18.5 X 8.5 X 22cm. Year: 2018
Title: Can... Technique:Rammed Earth. Measures:18.5 X 8.5 X 22cm. Year: 2018
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